You are unique.  We understand that every customer has specific needs and wants. We will strive to customize our process to what works best for you and your locations.

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Speed of Service

NOW.  We understand that when something is not working it is frustrating and the quicker it can be resolved the better.

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$$$$.  The bottom line.  It is our job to save you money.  We have many ways to do this.



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Welcome to Bluestone Management and Consulting...

You have many choices when shopping for facility management. We pride ourselves on providing specialized service. Everything we do is designed to our customer's needs.

All aspects of how we service your account is designed with input from you our customer.

Bluestone has over two decades of experience in the field of facility management, including the customer's and venders perspective. This allows us to fulfill your needs.


Downtown Tampa

How can we help you work smarter!

Please call or email us anytime to discuss your company's unique needs.